Jorge E. Garza

Managing Director
Public Finance Investment Banking

E-mail  |  Tel: +1 210 733-8581

Jorge Garza

Jorge Garza has been an investment banker for over 26 years and has been a senior banker on transactions for the acquisition and construction of new facilities/properties. He provides investment banking services to private entities on public/private partnerships involving complex privatization projects between developers and federal government agencies. These transactions are corporate taxable real estate projects involving GSA leases on build-to-suit projects, and the privatization of military housing throughout the U.S. He also finances credit tenant leases for corporate and municipal credits.

To date, Garza has been responsible for the financing of 18 military housing privatization transactions involving 32 different bases/installations comprising over 25,000 privatized housing units for all armed services. Since 2010, he has also financed as an underwriter several GSA build-to-suit projects, primarily in the Washington DC area. All of the financings have been corporate taxable lease transactions on a sole managed basis.

Garza holds a Master of Business Administration degree in finance and international management from Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX), and a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business from the University of Texas at Austin.