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6 Questions on the Security Software M&A and Capital Raising Environment

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Marc Steifman, Managing Director, Co-Head of Technology Investment Banking
Greg Klancher, Principal, Infrastructure and Security Software

Key Takeaways:

Marc Steifman and Greg Klancher of the Piper Jaffray technology investment banking group recently sat down to provide their thoughts on the security software market.

1) What types of security businesses are receiving the most attention from strategic acquirers?

Shift in emphasis from best-of-breed point products to complete solutions. Vendors are increasingly hearing from customers that they want to deal with fewer disparate products in the security portfolio. While next-gen best-of-breed products will continue to generate M&A interest, buyers are also evaluating opportunities with an eye towards delivering more comprehensive suites of solutions to customers.

Strategic acquirers are paying particular attention to companies offering these types of solutions:

2) What does the buyer landscape look like for emerging security software companies?

There are several groups of buyers:

3) Which factors drive interest and value in competitive sale processes?

4) What role have private equity firms played in the security M&A market, and what are these firms looking for?

5) Are public company investors receptive to security IPOs?

6) In this environment, how should security companies think about their strategic and financing alternatives?

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