James E. Folsom

Senior Vice President
Public Finance Investment Banking

E-mail  |  Tel: +1 205 327-8342

James E. Folsom joined Piper Jaffray in April 2012 prior to serving as director of public finance for Raymond James since 1995. Folsom was the lead negotiator for all municipal bond underwriting activities in the State of Alabama and in addition, successfully engaged Raymond James in underwriting activities in the states of Mississippi, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana and West Virginia.

Folsom has been involved in public service for most of his life beginning with his election to the Alabama Public Service Commission where he served two terms from 1978 – 1987 and was responsible for public utility regulation and oversight. Folsom is the first person in history to be elected to serve three terms as Lieutenant Governor in the State of Alabama. Folsom served as Governor of Alabama from 1993 – 1995. 

Folsom currently serves on the Jacksonville State University Board of Trustees since 1988, Boatright Industries Board of Advisors since 2011, Alabama Academy of Honor since 1993, National Former Governors Association since 1995 and the Alabama Chapter Boy Scouts of America board of directors since 2009. 

Folsom graduated from Cullman High School in 1967, served in active duty with the United States Army National Guard and received a bachelor’s degree in political science, economics and history from Jacksonville State University.