Since 1895


2010 – Piper Jaffray acquires Advisory Research, Inc., an asset management firm mainly focused in equity strategies, as a stable complement to its more cyclical global capital markets business.

2007 – Piper Jaffray acquires Goldbond Capital Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-based investment bank, allowing the firm to China-based companies in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States.

Piper Jaffray completes the acquisition of Fiduciary Asset Management (FAMCO) to expand its asset management capabilities.

2006 – Piper Jaffray completes the sale of its Private Client Services branch network to UBS Financial Services, allowing Piper Jaffray to focus entirely on building a leading investment bank.

2004 – Piper Jaffray acquires Vie Securities, LLC, a leading provider of algorithm-based, electronic execution services. The firm now offers new proprietary algorithm-based trading capability as part of its broader, client-focused equity trading platform.

2003 – Piper Jaffray becomes an independent, publicly held company following its spin-off from U.S. Bancorp. Stock begins trading again on the NYSE under the symbol PJC.

Piper Jaffray Logo.

2001 – Milwaukee-based Firstar Inc. acquires U.S. Bancorp, giving way to the eighth largest financial services organization with $170 billion in assets. The new entity retains the U.S. Bancorp name.

2000 – Andrew Duff assumes the role of CEO; Tad Piper remains chairman.

U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray moves its headquarters to a new tower—the U.S. Bancorp Center at 800 Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. The firm now has more than 125 retail offices in 18 Midwest, Mountain and Western states.