Corporate Governance


Piper Jaffray has established policies and practices that support strong corporate governance and transparency in financial reporting. The Board regularly reviews and, as appropriate, updates these policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures

Procedures for Contacting the Board of Directors

All interested parties may send written communications by U.S. mail to the Board of Directors or specified individual directors by addressing their communication to:

Office of the Corporate Secretary
Piper Jaffray Companies
800 Nicollet Mall, Suite 1000
Mail Stop J09SSH
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

The communications will be collected by the Corporate Secretary and delivered, in the form received, to the lead director or, if so addressed, to a specified director. In accordance with the Company’s Complaint Procedures Regarding Accounting and Auditing Matters, letters relating to accounting and auditing matters will be delivered to the Chairperson of the Audit Committee to be handled in accordance with such Complaint Procedures.