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08/05/19 Chief market technician Craig Johnson shares when he believes investors should cash in their gold bets CNBC
08/05/19 Piper Jaffray completes the acquisition of Weeden & Co. Yahoo! Finance
08/01/19 Piper Jaffray's Craig Johnson shares his bet on Apple and Microsoft's $1 trillion cage match CNBC
08/01/19 Chief market technician Craig Johnson believes history could be about to repeat itself for the banks following the Fed rate cut CNBC
07/30/19 Piper Jaffray appoints three co-heads of energy investment banking Yahoo! Finance
07/29/19 Neil Riley, global head of equity syndicate at Piper Jaffray, weighs in on Minneapolis-based Sezzle's decision to go public in Australia StarTribune
07/15/19 Welcomed by CNBC's "Power Lunch" team, senior research analyst Erinn Murphy explains why she upgraded Crocs CNBC
07/09/19 "We're thrilled with the diversity of our investment banking platform" says Piper Jaffray CEO, Chad Abraham, following the announcement of the Sandler acquisition S&P Global
04/29/19 Managing director and global co-head of investment banking James Baker on shifting oil and gas industry forces BoyarMiller
11/05/18 Piper Jaffray recognized for offering breast milk shipping service, Milk Stork Employee Benefits News
10/31/18 Piper Jaffray represents Health Warrior on its sale to PepsiCo Nosh
10/31/18 Managing director Jon Hjelm on what’s next for agriculture start-ups and venture capital Successful Farming
10/18/18 Piper Jaffray Closes New Investment Fund Aimed at Late-Stage Growing Firms Star Tribune
10/08/18 Analyst Matthew Breese highlights banks best-suited for the rising-rate environment CNBC
10/05/18 Restaurant stocks poised to go higher, says Piper Jaffray CNBC
10/01/18 Technical market strategist, Craig Johnson discusses Facebook shares on Trading Nation CNBC
09/20/18 What to watch for in Amazon's new product launch, according to sr. research analyst Mike Olson Bloomberg
09/17/18 Nike's polarizing Kaepernick ad was 'good publicity' for the apparel company, sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy says CNBC
09/07/18 Analyst Mike Olson raises Apple price target ahead of September 12 announcement CNBC
08/27/18 Foodsby, Inc. raises $13.8 million in Series B funding to drive continued growth PR Newswire
08/22/18 The [insurance] industry is ripe for more technology usage," says research analyst Jason Deleeuw National Mortgage News
08/14/18 Shake Shack is still a buy, according to analyst Nicole Miller Regan CNBC
08/13/18 Amazon's advertising profits will surpass cloud computing income by 2021, says analyst Mike Olson CNBC
07/30/18 Investment banker, Janica Lane named among 31 most powerful women in the beverage industry BevNET
07/25/18 Can shares of tech giants keep climbing? Analyst Mike Olson comments on FAANG stock growth potential CNN
07/09/18 Managing director, Janica Lane discusses $600 million Kellogg deal with NOSH editor-in-chief and RXBAR CEO NOSH
07/02/18 "We view LITE as one of the best stocks to own in the optical group," says research analyst, Troy Jensen CNBC
07/02/18 Buy EA shares because its battle-royale mode in 'Battlefield' will fend off 'Fortnite,' says analyst Mike Olson CNBC
07/01/18 Chairman and former CEO Andrew Duff inducted into Twin Cities Business Hall of Fame Twin Cities Business
06/06/18 Chief market technician Craig Johnson discusses casino stocks as China's gambling Mecca busts CNBC
06/06/18 Analyst Sean Wieland discusses potential buyers for athenahealth after CEO steps down Bloomberg
05/15/18 Ford is falling behind in the autonomous driving push, according to sr. research analyst, Alex Potter CNBC
05/14/18 "Chipotle shares remain a top recovery pick," says sr. research analyst, Nicole Miller Regan CNBC
05/11/18 Craig Johnson discusses what the flattest yield curve since before the financial crisis might mean for the bond market CNBC
05/02/18 Analyst Mike Olson discusses his $214 price target on Apple Bloomberg
04/11/18 Piper Jaffray: The FANGs are great companies, but not great stocks right now CNBC
04/06/18 Analyst Nicole Miller Regan interviewed on winners and losers in restaurant space The Wall Street Transcript
04/06/18 "Buy Take-Two on the dip because 'Fortnite' risk is overblown," says analyst, Mike Olson CNBC
04/03/18 Analyst Mike Olson advises investors to remain bullish on Amazon CNBC
03/15/18 Sr. research analyst Kevin Barker discusses the winners and losers of the rollback of banking regulations in the Senate bill CNBC
03/09/18 "Netflix is on fire right now," says sr. research analyst, Mike Olson CNBC
03/05/18 Sr. research analyst, Nicole Miller Regan discusses how Chipotle's new CEO can help bring the brand around CNBC
02/15/18 ARI portfolio manager Kevin Ross talks about exploiting behavioral inefficiencies in emerging markets Ticker
01/30/18 "The iPhone mix appears to be solid," says sr. research analyst Mike Olson CNBC
01/27/18 Bond traders' wild ride in 2018 is about to kick into overdrive - Dimitri Delis weighs in Bloomberg
01/24/18 Advisory Research portfolio manager Kevin Ross highlights opportunities in emerging markets Asset TV
01/12/18 Analyst Alex Zukin says Intel chip security flaw will drive more customers to the cloud Bloomberg
01/11/18 Analyst Stan Meyers visits CNBC to share his optimism about movie theater industry CNBC
01/09/18 "Refiners are in a better position to take advantage of tax changes than explorers or oilfield services companies," says Simmons analyst Guy Baber Bloomberg
12/30/17 2018 Outlook: Analyst Craig Johnson is bullish, but "be prepared for a setback and be prepared to be buying stocks at that point" Star Tribune
12/08/17 Piper Jaffray advises TSG Consumer Partners on investment in Planet Fitness franchisee Sunshine Fitness PE Hub Network
12/08/17 New regulatory appointments can shape the banking landscape, says managing director C.K. Lee Bank Director
12/06/17 Piper Jaffray CEO Andrew Duff retiring Star Tribune
11/30/17 Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses Apple's staggered iPhone releases and its innovation pipeline CNBC
11/15/17 Co-head of consumer investment banking Damon Chandik discusses a current dichotomy impacting restaurant M&A Nation's Restaurant News
11/14/17 Sr. research analyst Stan Meyers says 'Star Wars' is driving Disney profits Bloomberg
11/08/17 Piper Jaffray expects market rally to continue even if it slows down; increases S&P target CNBC
11/07/17 Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses the online travel industry with Priceline founder, Jay Walker CNBC
10/27/17 Sr. research analyst Sarah James, discusses CVS's potential deal with Aetna and its impact on the health insurers CNBC
10/13/17Craig Johnson discusses why the bank rally could continueCNBC
10/06/17Andrew Duff, CEO, weighs in on Wall Street's forgotten stocksCNBC
10/05/17Craig Johnson discusses why the bank rally could continueCNBC
09/27/17“China could eventually be Tesla’s biggest source of revenue,” says sr. research analyst Alex PotterCNBC
09/27/17Sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy joins CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss outlook on NikeCNBC
09/18/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson predicts more than 160 million Netflix subscribers in three years as global interest surgesCNBC
09/18/17 What is fin-tech (and how has it evolved)? Sr. analyst Jason Deleeuw weighs in Computer World
09/13/17Apple's iPhone X wait won’t impact sales, says sr. research analyst Mike OlsonBloomberg
09/07/17Chief market technician Craig Johnson predicts relief rally for U.S. dollarCNBC
09/05/17Consumers aren’t that excited for iPhone 8, says Piper JaffrayCNBC
08/28/17Dimitri Delis sums up in one paragraph why treasury yields are so lowBarron's
08/24/17Analyst Nicole Miller Regan sees 65% upside in ChipotleCNBC
08/15/17Sr. research analyst Peter Keith discusses retail earnings and the housing tradeCNBC
08/14/17A look inside Piper Jaffray's elegant Boston OfficeOfficelovin'
08/11/17Is watching people play video games really a $1B industry? Sr. research analyst, Mike Olson weighs inCNBC
08/09/17Disney content not a "need to have," says analyst Mike OlsonCNBC
08/03/17Analyst Alex Potter on Tesla: “We don't think it's wise to bet against a story with this much momentum”The Street
07/28/17Sr. research analyst Kevin Barker questions Wells Fargo’s delay addressing unwanted insurance scandalFortune
07/28/17Invest in Apple ahead of the quarterly earnings release? Sr. research analyst Michael Olson weighs inCNBC
07/18/17The importance of active small cap management according to ARI portfolio manager, Matthew SwaimAssetTV
07/18/17Where's the lowest hotel rate? Online shoppers may have to do a lot of research to find it, says Piper Jaffray studyTravel Weekly
07/11/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses how Amazon's Prime Day is driving consumers to the e-commerce site and its effect on the stockCNBC
06/26/17Does 'smart home' make Best Buy a smart pick? Senior research analyst Peter Keith weighs inBarron's
06/21/17Two Piper Jaffray research analysts honored in 2017 Thomson Reuters Analyst AwardsThomson Reuters
06/20/17Sr. research analyst Craig Johnson discusses how much higher the S&P 500 could rise this summerCNBC
06/12/17Sr. research analysts Mike Olson and Sam Kemp describe Amazon as the "best positioned large-cap Internet platform for the next five years"Barron's
06/03/17Tiny town of Garden City recognized for producing tons of talent including firm founder, George F. PiperStarTribune
06/01/17Analyst Craig Johnson sees more upside in casino stocksCNBC
05/25/17Netflix could reach 63% of U.S. households and 17% of the rest of the world, says analyst Michael OlsonBarron's
05/19/17After the market's roller coaster week, technical analyst Craig Johnson weighs in on where stocks are headedCNBC
05/15/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses changes in retail 20 years after Amazon's IPOCNBC
05/12/17Retail is facing a historic moment of truth, according to sr. research analyst Erinn MurphyCNBC
05/05/17Sr. research analyst Sarah James discusses healthcare bill impact on hospitals and insurersCNBC
05/03/17Drew Cupps of Advisory Research weighs in on Tesla earningsCNBC
04/21/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses which company has the edge to become the first trillion-dollar companyCNBC
04/10/17As they scramble to catch up, we think Tesla’s competitors only make themselves appear more desperate, says sr. research analyst Alex PotterBloomberg
04/03/17The Apple iPhone 8 will have the most change in function we’ve seen, says sr. research analyst Mike OlsonCNBC
03/29/17The insurance business needs healthy people, says sr. research analyst Sarah JamesYahoo Finance
03/27/17Sr. research analyst Craig Johnson discusses the state of the "Trump portfolio"CNBC
03/23/17Piper Jaffray advises Checkers Drive-In Restaurants on $525 million sale to Oak Hill Capital PartnersWall Street Journal
03/13/17Sr. research analyst Alex Zukin says Microsoft understands enterprise better than mostCNBC
03/08/17Sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy: Adidas is the name to play for ongoing share gainsCNBC
03/07/17Historically quiet market cause for concern? Sr. research analyst Craig Johnson thinks notCNBC
02/27/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses Warren Buffet's optimistic views on Apple stockCNBC
02/24/17Piper Jaffray Merchant Banking and Essex Woodlands lead funding round for Xenex Disinfection ServicesXenex
02/23/17How Piper Jaffray Merchant Banking Fund I picked winning dealsMinneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
02/21/17Principal Dimitri Delis shares four reasons not to worry about China selling U.S. debtBarron's
02/08/17 Can Square tackle big retail? Sr. analyst Jason Deleeuw weighs in Fast Company
02/06/17Sr. research analyst Stan Meyers discusses what Disney CEO Bob Iger's term means for its stockCNBC
01/31/17Sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy on Under Armour: Visibility going forward too cloudyCNBC
01/28/17Chief human capital officer Christine Esckilsen on attracting women to the financial industryStar Tribune
01/26/17It's going to be a year of significant recovery in employment in the energy sector, says sr. energy analyst Bill HerbertHouston Chronicle
01/26/17The Wall Street Transcript interviews analyst Brett Rabatin on the Southwest banking landscapeWall Street Transcript
01/26/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses Apple’s growth internationally and the impact of the Trump administrationCNBC
01/07/172017 outlook: Analyst Craig Johnson overweight in energy, basic materials and techStar Tribune