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11/14/19 It's time to book profits in this surging group of stocks, says Piper Jaffray senior analyst Craig Johnson CNBC
11/13/19 "This is a great company, no question. I'm not sure it's a great stock," says Craig Johnson, senior technical research analyst, about Walmart CNBC
11/13/19 Craig Johnson partakes in a discussion weighing whether or not investors should get into homebuilders stocks CNBC
11/13/19 Senior technical research analyst Craig Johnson previews Walmart's earnings report CNBC
11/11/19 Piper Jaffray said its downgrade of Cisco centers on a slowing macro environment in Cisco's markets as well as the lack of any near term catalyst for the stock CNBC
11/11/19 Analyst Edward Tenthoff notes latest results as Piper Jaffray raises their PT to a Street high Bloomberg
11/11/19 "Gap shares are just purely out of fashion at this point in time" according to senior analyst Craig Johnson CNBC
11/08/19 Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray discusses whether there is danger in the safety trades like REITs CNBC
11/04/19 Changes of this magnitude tend to be disruptive: Nicole Miller Regan of Piper Jaffray on Easterbrook's firing CNBC
11/04/19 Piper Jaffray's Craig Johnson has been one of Wall Street's biggest bulls for years, but understands the recent skepticism about valuation CNBC
11/04/19 Piper Jaffray senior analyst Nicole Miller Regan downgraded McDonald's stock in response to yet another executive change, stating "Our experience leads us to take a more cautionary view noting the potential lack of momentum and time involved in formalizing a new team." Reuters
11/01/19 Craig Johnson shares his pick for "the spookiest stock out there," advising to take the money and move on CNBC
11/01/19 "When will this end?" Piper Jaffray analyst Christopher Raymond writes in response to suffering health-care and biotech funds Bloomberg
10/31/19 Chief market technician Craig Johnson explains his decision to "take into the print Chevron versus Exxon at this point in time" CNBC
10/31/19 Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray looks into potential future relief for energy stocks CNBC
10/31/19 Following Kraft Heinz stock's 12% rally, Craig Johnson, senior technical research analyst at Piper Jaffray discusses Kraft Heinz's post-earnings pop CNBC
10/28/19 Piper Jaffray downgrades Estee Lauder due to decreased cosmetics spending among teens CNBC
10/25/19 Piper Jaffray equity analyst Kevin Barker foresees potential problems for Santander Consumer Bloomberg
10/25/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson believes revenue upside potential is high for Amazon Markets Insider
10/24/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Alexander Potter is confident in Tesla following an unexpectedly profitable third quarter CNBC
10/23/19 "We believe the company's cultural reset and heightened level of accountability are critical drivers of ongoing and future performance," explains Piper Jaffray analyst Nicole Miller Regan following Chipotle's sliding stock CNBC
10/23/19 Alexander Potter of Piper Jaffray notes difficulties in predicting Tesla's quarterly results for the next few quarters due to pending China plans and SUV launch dates CNBC
10/23/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Nicole Miller Regan remains bullish on McDonald's and encourages investors to look past the post-earnings selloff CNBC
10/22/19 Despite Apple stock's all-time highs, Craig Johnson, chief market technician at Piper Jaffray is ready to get even more bullish CNBC
10/22/19 Piper Jaffray chief market technician Craig Johnson would rather play eBay into the quarter over Amazon CNBC
10/17/19 Piper Jaffray on Netflix: Q4 guidance bakes in new competition Yahoo! Finance
10/17/19 Piper Jaffray Chief Market Technician Craig Johnson thinks it's been the leadership that's lead semis stocks to surge CNBC
10/16/19 Craig Johnson, senior technical research analyst at Piper Jaffray, discusses the big banks' most recent earnings reports CNBC
10/16/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Peter Keith says Sleep Number and its competitors can be optimistic about the fourth quarter, according to Piper Jaffray's monthly survey of mattress retailers StarTribune
10/16/19 Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray discusses chip stocks CNBC
10/15/19 Low mortgage rates are giving Lowe's a boost, Piper Jaffray says in upgrading the stock CNBC
10/14/19 Senior research analyst Nicole Miller Regan talks food stocks TD Ameritrade Network
10/13/19 Simmons Energy proves you can't beat an oilfield BBQ at the second annual Permian Basin Cook-Off Hart Energy
10/11/19 Survey by Minneapolis-based Piper Jaffray takes the pulse of shifting moods of U.S. youths StarTribune
10/09/19 Piper Jaffray survey: Teen spending falls to lowest level since 2011 as worries about the economy grow Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
10/08/19 A new survey from Piper Jaffray that looks at teen economic sentiment and where they're spending their money CNBC
10/08/19 Teens are spending less than in the spring, and at this time last year, according to Piper Jaffray's 38th biannual "Taking Stock with Teens" report CNBC
10/08/19 Piper Jaffray released the results of its most recent survey of Generation Z's habits and favorite brands Business Insider
10/08/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Lavery reviewed the firm's latest teen survey and wrote that Kellogg received high marks Barron's
10/08/19 Chick-fil-A remains top brand among young consumers, according to semi-annual Piper Jaffray survey Restaurant Business
10/08/19 Piper Jaffray completes 38th semi-annual Generation Z survey of 9,500 U.S. teens Yahoo! Finance
10/08/19 Piper Jaffray found 37% of teens prefer to watch videos on YouTube, narrowly edging out Netflix, which came in at 35% CNBC
10/08/19 Piper Jaffray: Casualization of Fashion Continues SGB Media
10/02/19 Piper Jaffray Analyst Michael Olson doesn't consider new streaming services a major threat to Netflix stock Markets Insider
10/01/19 Piper Jaffray completes the sale of Advisory Research Inc. Financial Advisor Magazine
09/30/19 Craig Johnson, chief market technician at Piper Jaffray, explains why he's raising his S&P price target and is bullish on the overall market CNBC
09/27/19 Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray notes what to watch on the S&P 500 as the third quarter closes CNBC
09/27/19 Piper Jaffray senior analyst Christopher Raymond finds that for the sixth week in a row, withdrawals from biotech funds exceed inflows Barron's
09/26/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Alexander Potter's research indicates Tesla has been steadily increasing its market share in China CNBC
09/23/19 Piper Jaffray predicts market share gains for athletic apparel retailer Lululemon, initiating the stock as 'overweight' CNBC
09/23/19 Buyer interest in Apple's latest iPhone lineup is lower than last year despite a more affordable price, an annual survey by Piper Jaffray finds CNBC
09/23/19 Craig Johnson, senior analyst at Piper Jaffray, considers risk and reward in regard to Roku stock CNBC
09/20/19 Piper Jaffray Senior Analyst Craig Johnson discusses the potential for small caps to make a comeback this year CNBC
09/19/19 Michael Lavery of Piper Jaffray joins CNBC's "The Exchange" to discuss the impact of vaping facing regulation scrutiny CNBC
09/16/19 Piper Jaffray elects Victoria M. Holt to Board of Directors Wall Street Journal
09/16/19 Piper Jaffray Chief Market Technician Craig Johnson says the foundation for another massive move higher is forming for Apple CNBC
09/13/19 Research Analyst Craig Johnson believes there could be a way to play catch-up in one unexpected sector of the market CNBC
09/13/19 Senior Research Analyst Michael Olson isn't giving up on Netflix's stock CNBC
09/13/19 Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray discusses whether or not Apple shares are a buy CNBC
09/10/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Nicole Miller Regan is keeping a watch on Wendy's stock amid the launch of its nationwide breakfast CNBC
09/09/19 Mike Olson, senior research analyst and managing director at Piper Jaffray joined CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Monday to discuss Apple's September event CNBC
09/09/19 Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst Michael Lavery joins CNBC's "The Exchange" to discuss what could be big tobacco's plan if the FDA cracks down on vaping CNBC
09/09/19 Watch out for this key level in Facebook, Piper Jaffray technical analyst Craig Johnson says CNBC
09/06/19 Andy Nowinski, analyst at Piper Jaffray, joins CNBC's "Squawk Box" to discuss how investors can approach the IPO market CNBC
09/06/19 Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray discusses what comes next for markets after the S&P 500 surge CNBC
09/04/19 Piper Jaffray Execs discuss Weeden acquisition Markets Media
09/03/19 The acquisition of Sandler O'Neill furthers Piper Jaffray's goal to be the market leader in all the industries it does business in Mergers & Acquisitions
09/03/19 Craig Johnson of Piper Jaffray explains why Facebook is a stock that stands out CNBC
09/03/19 Senior technical research analyst Craig Johnson analyzes Cisco's performance in the market CNBC
09/03/19 "With the acquisition of New York-based Sandler O'Neill & Partners LP, Piper Jaffray will instantly become a leading bank in financial services" Mergers & Acquisitions
08/30/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Erinn Murphy addresses her concerns with Ulta Beauty Inc. Bloomberg
08/23/19 Piper Jaffray's Erinn Murphy explains why she hasn't changed her neutral rating on Foot Locker CNBC
08/23/19 Erinn Murphy of Piper Jaffray breaks down how sneaker companies and the retail sector are reacting to the trade war escalation CNBC
08/20/19 Senior research analyst, Michael Lavery, comments on Kellogg Company's emerging new products Bloomberg
08/19/19 Piper Jaffray serves as co-manager to Alerus Financial Corp.'s IPO StarTribune
08/09/19 Chief market technician Craig Johnson shares when he believes investors should cash in their gold bets CNBC
08/05/19 Piper Jaffray completes the acquisition of Weeden & Co. Yahoo! Finance
08/01/19 Piper Jaffray's Craig Johnson shares his bet on Apple and Microsoft's $1 trillion cage match CNBC
08/01/19 Chief market technician Craig Johnson believes history could be about to repeat itself for the banks following the Fed rate cut CNBC
08/19 Managing director C.K. Lee explains how a dozen community banks in North Texas are able to out-achieve their competitors D Magazine
07/31/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Nicole Miller Regan reiterated an overweight rating on Chipotle shares and altered her price target from $900 to $824. She writes that she as a "high degree of conviction around Chipotle shares" and remains "confident that Chipotle is positioned to support recent top-line momentum and, over time, drive potential upside to consensus expectations." Barron's
07/30/19 Piper Jaffray appoints three co-heads of energy investment banking Yahoo! Finance
07/29/19 Michael Olson, Piper Jaffray senior analyst, and Russ Frushtick, Polygon co-founder, join "The Exchange" to discuss the rise of esports and where investors can make their money CNBC
07/29/19 Neil Riley, global head of equity syndicate at Piper Jaffray, weighs in on Minneapolis-based Sezzle's decision to go public in Australia StarTribune
07/26/19 Nicole Miller Regan from Piper Jaffray raised her price target by $6 to $88, but the firm maintained its neutral rating on the company, as that target is lower where the stock is trading at this time CNBC
07/20/19 Piper Jaffray analyst Mike Olson came out with a note on the state of online travel, highlighting the startup's leadership position in this rapidly growing market Yahoo! Finance
07/15/19 Welcomed by CNBC's "Power Lunch" team, senior research analyst Erinn Murphy explains why she upgraded Crocs CNBC
07/14/19 Piper Jaffray acquired Sandler O'Neill not for consolidation or cost savings, but for "driving growth," said CEO Chad Abraham, with President Deb Schoneman StarTribune
07/09/19 "We're thrilled with the diversity of our investment banking platform" says Piper Jaffray CEO, Chad Abraham, following the announcement of the Sandler acquisition S&P Global
07/09/19 Stocks to Watch: Acacia, PepsiCo, Piper Jaffray, Chipotle and More The Wall Street Journal
07/03/19 Piper Jaffray senior research analysts Peter Appert, Matthew Breese, Bill Herbert and Harsh Kumar were recognized for this year's StarMine Analyst Awards from Refinitiv. The analysts represented the firm's energy, FIG, industrials & business services, and technology sectors Refinitiv
07/01/19 Piper Jaffray named a Winning 'W' Company by 2020 Women on Boards for achieving over 20% women on its corporate board before the year 2020 Women on Boards
06/25/19 "Underlying strength and healthy growth prospects make Piper Jaffray Companies ($PJC) a solid bet now" Yahoo! Finance
06/10/19 Peter Lombard, managing director and head of technology M&A at Piper Jaffray, comments on middle-market M&A in 2019 Mergers & Acquisitions
06/07/19 Tesla's Ample Model 3 Demand Backs Optimism, says Piper Jaffray analyst Alex Potter Bloomberg
06/05/19 Law student Naphtalie Librun-Ukiri joins Piper Jaffray's in-house legal team for three weeks through Ballard Spahr's Diversity Fellowship Program StarTribune
05/24/19 Piper Jaffray's Michael Olson said in a report Friday that Amazon's stock could climb to $3,000 a share within the next two to three years CNN Business
05/10/19 Piper Jaffray leads funding for Elligo Health Research and raises $20M to connect more physicians and their patients to clinical research as a care option Yahoo! Finance
05/02/19 CNBC's "Power Lunch" team discusses Shake Shack shares on the day Beyond Meat starts trading, with Nicole Miller Regan, managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray CNBC
04/29/19 Managing director and global co-head of investment banking James Baker on shifting oil and gas industry forces BoyarMiller
04/29/19 Piper Jaffray awarded top 5 U.S. West Financial Advisor by Mergermarket in Q1 Merger Market
04/26/19 Sanjiv Shah, managing director at Simmons Energy A Division of Piper Jaffray, presented 2019 Industry Innovator award by the Petroleum Equipment & Services Association ("PESA") Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA)
04/18/19 Erinn Murphy, Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst, discusses brands popular with teens, plus their spending priorities CNBC
04/18/19 Piper Jaffray named a winner for the Industrials Deal of the Year award for the sale of QSI Facilities by Gridiron Capital to Cushman & Wakefield The M&A Advisor
02/26/19 Home Depot earnings miss shows housing market slowing, says Peter Keith, senior research analyst CNBC
02/25/19 A lot of the market rally has been due to Jerome Powell, says Craig Johnson, technical market strategist CNBC
02/13/19 The best is yet to come for Under Armour, says Erinn Murphy, senior research analyst CNBC
11/05/18 Piper Jaffray recognized for offering breast milk shipping service, Milk Stork Employee Benefits News
10/31/18 Piper Jaffray represents Health Warrior on its sale to PepsiCo Nosh
10/31/18 Managing director Jon Hjelm on what’s next for agriculture start-ups and venture capital Successful Farming
10/18/18 Piper Jaffray Closes New Investment Fund Aimed at Late-Stage Growing Firms Star Tribune
10/08/18 Analyst Matthew Breese highlights banks best-suited for the rising-rate environment CNBC
10/05/18 Restaurant stocks poised to go higher, says Piper Jaffray CNBC
10/01/18 Technical market strategist, Craig Johnson discusses Facebook shares on Trading Nation CNBC
09/20/18 What to watch for in Amazon's new product launch, according to sr. research analyst Mike Olson Bloomberg
09/17/18 Nike's polarizing Kaepernick ad was 'good publicity' for the apparel company, sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy says CNBC
09/07/18 Analyst Mike Olson raises Apple price target ahead of September 12 announcement CNBC
08/27/18 Foodsby, Inc. raises $13.8 million in Series B funding to drive continued growth PR Newswire
08/22/18 The [insurance] industry is ripe for more technology usage," says research analyst Jason Deleeuw National Mortgage News
08/14/18 Shake Shack is still a buy, according to analyst Nicole Miller Regan CNBC
08/13/18 Amazon's advertising profits will surpass cloud computing income by 2021, says analyst Mike Olson CNBC
07/30/18 Investment banker, Janica Lane named among 31 most powerful women in the beverage industry BevNET
07/25/18 Can shares of tech giants keep climbing? Analyst Mike Olson comments on FAANG stock growth potential CNN
07/09/18 Managing director, Janica Lane discusses $600 million Kellogg deal with NOSH editor-in-chief and RXBAR CEO NOSH
07/02/18 "We view LITE as one of the best stocks to own in the optical group," says research analyst, Troy Jensen CNBC
07/02/18 Buy EA shares because its battle-royale mode in 'Battlefield' will fend off 'Fortnite,' says analyst Mike Olson CNBC
07/01/18 Chairman and former CEO Andrew Duff inducted into Twin Cities Business Hall of Fame Twin Cities Business
06/06/18 Chief market technician Craig Johnson discusses casino stocks as China's gambling Mecca busts CNBC
06/06/18 Analyst Sean Wieland discusses potential buyers for athenahealth after CEO steps down Bloomberg
05/15/18 Ford is falling behind in the autonomous driving push, according to sr. research analyst, Alex Potter CNBC
05/14/18 "Chipotle shares remain a top recovery pick," says sr. research analyst, Nicole Miller Regan CNBC
05/11/18 Craig Johnson discusses what the flattest yield curve since before the financial crisis might mean for the bond market CNBC
05/02/18 Analyst Mike Olson discusses his $214 price target on Apple Bloomberg
04/11/18 Piper Jaffray: The FANGs are great companies, but not great stocks right now CNBC
04/06/18 Analyst Nicole Miller Regan interviewed on winners and losers in restaurant space The Wall Street Transcript
04/06/18 "Buy Take-Two on the dip because 'Fortnite' risk is overblown," says analyst, Mike Olson CNBC
04/03/18 Analyst Mike Olson advises investors to remain bullish on Amazon CNBC
03/15/18 Sr. research analyst Kevin Barker discusses the winners and losers of the rollback of banking regulations in the Senate bill CNBC
03/09/18 "Netflix is on fire right now," says sr. research analyst, Mike Olson CNBC
03/05/18 Sr. research analyst, Nicole Miller Regan discusses how Chipotle's new CEO can help bring the brand around CNBC
02/15/18 ARI portfolio manager Kevin Ross talks about exploiting behavioral inefficiencies in emerging markets Ticker
01/30/18 "The iPhone mix appears to be solid," says sr. research analyst Mike Olson CNBC
01/27/18 Bond traders' wild ride in 2018 is about to kick into overdrive - Dimitri Delis weighs in Bloomberg
01/24/18 Advisory Research portfolio manager Kevin Ross highlights opportunities in emerging markets Asset TV
01/12/18 Analyst Alex Zukin says Intel chip security flaw will drive more customers to the cloud Bloomberg
01/11/18 Analyst Stan Meyers visits CNBC to share his optimism about movie theater industry CNBC
01/09/18 "Refiners are in a better position to take advantage of tax changes than explorers or oilfield services companies," says Simmons analyst Guy Baber Bloomberg
12/30/17 2018 Outlook: Analyst Craig Johnson is bullish, but "be prepared for a setback and be prepared to be buying stocks at that point" Star Tribune
12/08/17 Piper Jaffray advises TSG Consumer Partners on investment in Planet Fitness franchisee Sunshine Fitness PE Hub Network
12/08/17 New regulatory appointments can shape the banking landscape, says managing director C.K. Lee Bank Director
12/06/17 Piper Jaffray CEO Andrew Duff retiring Star Tribune
11/30/17 Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses Apple's staggered iPhone releases and its innovation pipeline CNBC
11/15/17 Co-head of consumer investment banking Damon Chandik discusses a current dichotomy impacting restaurant M&A Nation's Restaurant News
11/14/17 Sr. research analyst Stan Meyers says 'Star Wars' is driving Disney profits Bloomberg
11/08/17 Piper Jaffray expects market rally to continue even if it slows down; increases S&P target CNBC
11/07/17 Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses the online travel industry with Priceline founder, Jay Walker CNBC
10/27/17 Sr. research analyst Sarah James, discusses CVS's potential deal with Aetna and its impact on the health insurers CNBC
10/13/17Craig Johnson discusses why the bank rally could continueCNBC
10/06/17Andrew Duff, CEO, weighs in on Wall Street's forgotten stocksCNBC
10/05/17Craig Johnson discusses why the bank rally could continueCNBC
09/27/17“China could eventually be Tesla’s biggest source of revenue,” says sr. research analyst Alex PotterCNBC
09/27/17Sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy joins CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss outlook on NikeCNBC
09/18/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson predicts more than 160 million Netflix subscribers in three years as global interest surgesCNBC
09/18/17 What is fin-tech (and how has it evolved)? Sr. analyst Jason Deleeuw weighs in Computer World
09/13/17Apple's iPhone X wait won’t impact sales, says sr. research analyst Mike OlsonBloomberg
09/07/17Chief market technician Craig Johnson predicts relief rally for U.S. dollarCNBC
09/05/17Consumers aren’t that excited for iPhone 8, says Piper JaffrayCNBC
08/28/17Dimitri Delis sums up in one paragraph why treasury yields are so lowBarron's
08/24/17Analyst Nicole Miller Regan sees 65% upside in ChipotleCNBC
08/15/17Sr. research analyst Peter Keith discusses retail earnings and the housing tradeCNBC
08/14/17A look inside Piper Jaffray's elegant Boston OfficeOfficelovin'
08/11/17Is watching people play video games really a $1B industry? Sr. research analyst, Mike Olson weighs inCNBC
08/09/17Disney content not a "need to have," says analyst Mike OlsonCNBC
08/03/17Analyst Alex Potter on Tesla: “We don't think it's wise to bet against a story with this much momentum”The Street
07/28/17Sr. research analyst Kevin Barker questions Wells Fargo’s delay addressing unwanted insurance scandalFortune
07/28/17Invest in Apple ahead of the quarterly earnings release? Sr. research analyst Michael Olson weighs inCNBC
07/18/17The importance of active small cap management according to ARI portfolio manager, Matthew SwaimAssetTV
07/18/17Where's the lowest hotel rate? Online shoppers may have to do a lot of research to find it, says Piper Jaffray studyTravel Weekly
07/11/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses how Amazon's Prime Day is driving consumers to the e-commerce site and its effect on the stockCNBC
06/26/17Does 'smart home' make Best Buy a smart pick? Senior research analyst Peter Keith weighs inBarron's
06/21/17Two Piper Jaffray research analysts honored in 2017 Thomson Reuters Analyst AwardsThomson Reuters
06/20/17Sr. research analyst Craig Johnson discusses how much higher the S&P 500 could rise this summerCNBC
06/12/17Sr. research analysts Mike Olson and Sam Kemp describe Amazon as the "best positioned large-cap Internet platform for the next five years"Barron's
06/03/17Tiny town of Garden City recognized for producing tons of talent including firm founder, George F. PiperStarTribune
06/01/17Analyst Craig Johnson sees more upside in casino stocksCNBC
05/25/17Netflix could reach 63% of U.S. households and 17% of the rest of the world, says analyst Michael OlsonBarron's
05/19/17After the market's roller coaster week, technical analyst Craig Johnson weighs in on where stocks are headedCNBC
05/15/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses changes in retail 20 years after Amazon's IPOCNBC
05/12/17Retail is facing a historic moment of truth, according to sr. research analyst Erinn MurphyCNBC
05/05/17Sr. research analyst Sarah James discusses healthcare bill impact on hospitals and insurersCNBC
05/03/17Drew Cupps of Advisory Research weighs in on Tesla earningsCNBC
04/21/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses which company has the edge to become the first trillion-dollar companyCNBC
04/10/17As they scramble to catch up, we think Tesla’s competitors only make themselves appear more desperate, says sr. research analyst Alex PotterBloomberg
04/03/17The Apple iPhone 8 will have the most change in function we’ve seen, says sr. research analyst Mike OlsonCNBC
03/29/17The insurance business needs healthy people, says sr. research analyst Sarah JamesYahoo Finance
03/27/17Sr. research analyst Craig Johnson discusses the state of the "Trump portfolio"CNBC
03/23/17Piper Jaffray advises Checkers Drive-In Restaurants on $525 million sale to Oak Hill Capital PartnersWall Street Journal
03/13/17Sr. research analyst Alex Zukin says Microsoft understands enterprise better than mostCNBC
03/08/17Sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy: Adidas is the name to play for ongoing share gainsCNBC
03/07/17Historically quiet market cause for concern? Sr. research analyst Craig Johnson thinks notCNBC
02/27/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses Warren Buffet's optimistic views on Apple stockCNBC
02/24/17Piper Jaffray Merchant Banking and Essex Woodlands lead funding round for Xenex Disinfection ServicesXenex
02/23/17How Piper Jaffray Merchant Banking Fund I picked winning dealsMinneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
02/21/17Principal Dimitri Delis shares four reasons not to worry about China selling U.S. debtBarron's
02/08/17 Can Square tackle big retail? Sr. analyst Jason Deleeuw weighs in Fast Company
02/06/17Sr. research analyst Stan Meyers discusses what Disney CEO Bob Iger's term means for its stockCNBC
01/31/17Sr. research analyst Erinn Murphy on Under Armour: Visibility going forward too cloudyCNBC
01/28/17Chief human capital officer Christine Esckilsen on attracting women to the financial industryStar Tribune
01/26/17It's going to be a year of significant recovery in employment in the energy sector, says sr. energy analyst Bill HerbertHouston Chronicle
01/26/17The Wall Street Transcript interviews analyst Brett Rabatin on the Southwest banking landscapeWall Street Transcript
01/26/17Sr. research analyst Mike Olson discusses Apple’s growth internationally and the impact of the Trump administrationCNBC
01/07/172017 outlook: Analyst Craig Johnson overweight in energy, basic materials and techStar Tribune