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Corporate profile

Company information
Piper Jaffray is a leading investment bank and asset management firm serving clients in the U.S. and internationally. Proven advisory teams combine deep product and sector expertise with ready access to global capital. Founded in 1895, the firm is headquartered in Minneapolis and has offices across the United States and in London and Zurich.

General shareholder information


New York Stock Exchange (symbol: PJC)

Independent accountants

Ernst & Young LLP

Stock transfer agent and registrar

Computershare acts as transfer agent and registrar for Piper Jaffray Companies and maintains all shareholder records for the company. If you have questions regarding the Piper Jaffray Companies stock you own, stock transfers, address corrections or changes, lost stock certificates or duplicate mailings, please contact Computershare by writing or calling:

P.O. BOX 30170
College Station, TX 77842-3170
800 872-4409

Tax basis for Piper Jaffray spin-off

For information regarding how to calculate the tax basis for U.S. Bancorp and Piper Jaffray shares as a result of the spin-off of Piper Jaffray Companies, see the sample Piper Jaffray cost basis allocation (PDF).

Investor relations contact

Shareholders, securities analysts and investors seeking additional information about the company should write or call:

Tom Smith
Piper Jaffray Companies
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
612 303-6336